Valentino Beauty Pure

Manufacturer of source capture systems for nail dust and odor. Valentino Beauty Pure currently offers two models; their GEN III S (Tabletop) and Flush Mount XL (In Table System). They are also launching a line of salon/spa furniture including Technician tables integrated with their Flush Mount XL system and spa chairs also integrated with their system.

Valentino Beauty Pure logo GEN III S and Flush Mount XL

Web Site:
Phone: 1-888.390-4259

Vetro USA

Gel brand originating from Japan and currently being offered to North America. Vetro offers gel pods in addition to gel polish. Their No. 19 line is unlike anything else ever brought to America offering a great choice for nail art.

Vetro No. 19 Gel Polish USA

Web Site:
Phone: 1-888-239-3562

VBP International

Idea developed by David Anthony and Naja Nail Guru to bring a centralized location for everything beauty in one place. They will be offering a variety of new services starting this Winter. Stay tuned for updates!

VBP International Logo

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